Is the 2016 Level III AM paper out yet??

Just trying to be helpful. Do whatever you want.

i have the exams from around 2001 and anything pre 2009 is essentially worthless… the content may be the same but the way CFAI asks the questions on the exam have changed completely… the exam pre 2009 was MUCH easier… there were questions such as (Find X/ define Y)… they dont do that anymore

That’s also untrue.

This is what I used. Very helpful to have the added practice and guideline answers.

Hey ltj, which package would you recommend with Arif? Did you follow the weekly class Primer? I just bought the Plus package. Is that enough?

I actually never used Arif’s materials, outside of a few YouTube videos and his blog, but they were quite helpful. I was given hand me down Schweser books so I just went with those.

Ok thank You.

Back in the summer of '69, oh.