Is the Bailout a scam like Global Warming?

Remember how they all said we need to pay money to stop global warming? Well as temperatures has gone done it’s now called Climate Change… The Bailout is being rushed. Why do you think Buffett put money into GS. How much do they gain by the 700b being spent. My take is it’s all a scam.

“Global warming is just God’s way of hugging us closer” - Sarah Palin

A Saturday Night live quote - not actually from her

It was my scam inside a thread about scam. It was this self-referential dadaist art. And you wrecked it.

this 700bln bailout that may now be given in installments is a scam. It has nothing to do with saving financial institutions, rather, it is to save “some” financial institutions like the primary dealers. The primary dealers are essential institutions in that they are the buyers of last resort for Treasuries. The Treasury needs these institutions for future deficit spending. Right now, primary dealers’ balance sheets are shrinking and this is a HUGE concern for the Treasury. With the $700billion bailout, ie capital injection, the Treasury will buy assets such as MBS from primary dealers in exchange for Treasuries. Since the primary dealers are net-short Treasuries to the tune of $80billion, the MBS for Treasuries exchange will not only off-set their Treasuries short position, but at the same time collapse their leverage. This will enable the primary dealers to purchase more Treasuries. My father’s friend who is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer: Here are his words on the bailout: “…there is something fundamental that nobody gets. This “bailout” is only about continuing to enable .gov deficit spending by selling .gov debt. This “bailout” is important to the NeoCons because of all the private contractors/arms suppliers/local police etc. who are dependent on deficit spending to keep the money flowing into the massive expenditures of the Project for the American Century - War on Terror. This “bailout” is important to the Socialists because their very political existence depends on entitlement/welfare/safety net payments that are enabled by continued deficit spending. Both are threatened by decreasing cash flow to the .gov from taxes” This is why THEY ARE RUSHING this bill.

So you’re saying the September 15th quarterly tax payments came in a little light?

virginCFAhooker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So you’re saying the September 15th quarterly tax > payments came in a little light? lol - ye you can say that.

This argument holds more water in the fact that they are now willing to issue the $700billion in installments. This year’s budget deficit is somewhere in the area of $400 billion. Next year’s budget deficit is estimated to exceed $1 trillion. 600-700billion in new issuance? Hmmmm, that $700billion figure starts to make sense now doesn’t it? We go into a depression no matter what people. Hard times are ahead.