Is the BBA at John Hopkins any good ?

I may have a chance to go get an admission from that school,how good is it ?

Yes, JH is a good school

^JH is good,but the BBA Seems a little shady its and its off campus.Thats why it makes me thinks there is something to it I dont know

good school

Wait, how old are you?

^in troll years?

John’s Hopkins is a respected university, but probably most respected for its Medical school. Maybe do that?

The SAIS school of advanced international studies is well respected, too. Pretty sure that law is good at JH, too, but tends to be overshadowed by Georgetown.

As for Gabelogan’s age, we can assume he’s at least old enough to be married. And to a US MD (since that’s why he’s moving). So his wife is probably at least 26 or 28. It’s true that she might be older than him, especially if she likes younger guys who work out a lot, but I suspect he’s in his mid 20s, though possibly a bit younger. It’s not that uncommon for foreigners who arrive in the states to do an undergrad degree when they are older than most US students, because the process of getting foreign credits accepted for grad school can be a PITA and not carry as much weight, so it may be better for many reasons to get a US based BA even if you already have a degree from a university abroad.

Does the Top 2 requirement only apply to grad schools? Or does it apply to undergrad as well.

I wonder if we need a separate ranking system altogether for undergraduate schools.

JH is a fantastic school overall, but I don’t think anyone regards it’s undergraduate business program as anything special. Try to get into Georgetown, much more respected business program.

I am 28 I have a SH*T degree in sports science,since hanging around with steroids junkies and growth hormone giants is not my thing anymore,I am very much interested in starting a degree in accounting/finance.The admission officer was ok,but I searched online and Carey business school seems like a spin off from JH. I am planing on going to george town.It would make my day if they accept the credits I have passed here.The carey b school has a program where you study in a college for two years then continue there for another 2 years.By no way am i looking for a masters with a sport science degreee,I am looking for a legit undergrad degree in DC area.

Thanks Guys

^Southern Hawaii Institute of Technology is a pretty good school, I hear. Don’t know much about its sport science program.

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Should be easy to get into JH now: Student Government Association voted to ban Chick-fil-A from campus.