Is the CFA Institute website down right now?

I am unable to access my study tools for last couple hours now.

It was down from 5PM to 10PM EST today but I am not able to log in as well right now so I figured it was a sign from the CFA gods to take a break

5-10 last night was “scheduled maintenance”…still down. why not schedule maintenance for some time other than 2 weeks prior to exam

Surprised more people aren’t pissed

this sucks

i am seeing this too. really really irritating.

If you are using chrome the login loops. If you use IE or Safari you can log in no problemo

thank you! no issues when using Safari!

Still not working for me. Tried with IE, I guess I have to download safari

I can’t log in as well. Maintenenace time was yesterday, but today even CFA login/password page is unavailable for me (i have a tab in browser with “SAML 2.0 …”, and nothing happend). Very frustrating(

CFA is spending >$20m annualy for IT infrastructure, and have permanent lags… they still can’t calculate average scores in trial exams on webpage (i saw this notice a year ago), so lame.

Changed browser from Firefox to Chrome - it works now.

tried chrome, still not working… THEY SHOULD GIVE US EXTRA WEEK!! :smiley: