is the CFA relevant in the public service and if so does my work experience meet their criteria

hey guys,

i am currently working full time in the public service as an Economist…I wanted to find out if the CFA designation is relevant in the public service.

this is what i do in the public service as an Economist at the Ministry of Commerce and Trade .

My main duties are working with the Competition Commission, a regulating body in my country. I carry out research on the effects of possible mergers, acquisition and takeovers in the country. It is on the basis of the research carried out that I, through the Permanent Secretary’s office gives the Commission advice (on the mergers, acquisitions or takeovers) ensuring that the decisions taken will promote fair and efficient operations within the markets and will not restrict, prevent or distort competition according to the Laws of my country. Additionally, I am responsible for handling complaints (relating to competition issues) brought forth by individuals or groups to the Ministry against different parties. Furthermore, I am also responsible for sugar issues. Given that my country is a member of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) member states, I remain constantly updated on the performance on the sugar industry in my country. Last year, I had the opportunity of attending the ACP Council of Ministers meeting in which I gave my Minister of Trade a brief on the performance (e.g. pricing/exports to the EU, region and local markets, growth of the industry etc.) of sugar industry in my country. During the same meeting, I gave advice on what position my country should take given that the European Union was considering implementing certain decisions that would affect some ACP sugar. this is a brief of some of the work i do…If the cfa is relevant in the public service, is the work i do likely to meet thethe CFAI standard Thanks for your help guys

Economist is listed here :

You should also complete the work-experience assessment :

However I’m pretty sure you experience would be approved.


I work in the public service and got my experienced approved, just make sure you match up the work you do with the CFA Curriculum.

Look at the CFAI website and use their example as a guide of how to write up your experience. Be specific about the actual CFA related duties you perform.

As above, I think your work experience would be approved. However, I don’t think the CFA is very relevant to your profession. The CFA is geared towards asset/portfolio management, and for those not working in that field the material will be of limited use. If you want to go in to the industry then this will help, but it’s serious hard work and massively affects your social/married life. I’m sure there are more relevant and less time consuming ways to build your CV.

I’ve only done level 1, so it might be best to tell the charterholders what types of things you want to learn and they can tell you if that material is included.

Another government parasite here.

Didn’t have any trouble getting work experience approved. Just focused on how my financial modelling, financial statement analysis, company/asset valuations helped the gov’t make well informed (investment) decisions.

I think a more important question is whether CFA will help your career as a public servant. I remember talking with my boss at my previous job about my concerns regarding getting my work experience approved. He said “I’d be confident that your experience here is relevant to the CPA program”…