Is the CFA website down?

Is anyone else having problems?

Yes. I am having the same problem…

Seems like it happens every year (at least for the last two years when I wrote L1 and L2). Must be site being overloaded.

Yes, as is questionmark, and right in the middle of my AM mock exam too… was on vignette eight. :confused:

Hope it’s saved…

(why can’t you print the mock exams!)

Its down. Are the topic tests available in pdf form anywhere?

Seems to be back… crossing my fingers re the mock exam progress.

I had the same thing happen around 6 ET. You can hit refresh button on the Questionmark error box and after hitting it for a few minutes my test cam back right where I had left off. I imagine it’s only going to get worse as the week progresses.

Just noticed that there are PDF versions of the mock exams… dammit. :confused:

^hahaha i don’t know why people stuggle with the online version…

Harder to read the vignettes, especially when you need to scroll up/down.