Is the CFA worth it?

Passed all three levels, but does having the letters really change that much versus saying you passed all three exams from a resume standpoint?

Is it worth the dues?

don’t be cheap BRO

Why did you take the tests in the first place? Were they worth the fees you paid so far?

i think that paying the dues not only grant you to use the letters, but it also helps the institute further develop the program to make it more robust and help the investment industry in general. so your dues have a broader impact than just the letters.

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The dues are a couple hundred bucks and you can probably expense them. Seriously, pay the dues. Its less than a dollar a day to be a Charterholder. When reviewing potential job candidates, I’d definitely give an edge to a Charterholder over a L3 passee, all else equal.

Definitely not worth it.

Of course, if the dues were 15% less, it’d totally be worth it.


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I’ve heard from a guy who has passed all 3 levels and is working in investment industry that employers almost treat the charterholders and level 3 passers about the same if the passers have more relevant experience

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Well, if your employer doesn’t pay for you, prob it won’t matter for your job.

Why? What else does it prove?

Not that all else would ever truly be equal.

This doesn’t even justify an answer.

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The dues are worth it.

/end thread.

^ Agreed