Is the exam going to have an table of contents so we can flip to the vignettes we want to tackle first?

Someone asked this question before but I don’t recall the answer and can’t find the thread.

I’m printing out the CFA mock and I’m noticing it doesn’t have a table of contents, like the Schweser mocks do. Are we going to have to do the vignettes in order? (or waste time figuring out which ones to do first?)

I really need to hit the topics I’m better at first to have any chance of passing.

Yes there’s a table of contents like what you see on the schweser mocks. I like to jump around too

Bobby what was your cfai mock score heading into the exam last year? I got 55 I feel crushed. I’m going all out this week of course like everyone else though

^ I’m taking the CFA mock tomorrow. Hope I don’t get spanked. I seem to handle vignettes better when I sit down and approach them like all the other problems we’ve been doing day in and day out, oh, since the beginning of time. It’s all downhill for me when I let me mind wander and start placing importance on them, like I really need to get this section right! Why are they f*****g with me? Why can’t they string a few vignettes together that I actually know how to do… or (rarely) why is this problem is so flipping easy I can’t believe they’re bothering me with it. There’ must be a trick in here somewhere. And then f**k it. I’ll just go w/ my original answer. Ten minutes lost on mind games, for sure.

You’re be fine man. On exam day you won’t be trying to race through questions because you have so much still to revise. Campared to some of the hours we’ve been putting in, it will be like a day in the park. You’ll either pass, or you’ll be taking one for the team.