Is the Level 3 2007 Exam Morning Session available to candidates?

I passed Level 3 last June. I am interested in reading the Morning Session again and its solutions. I heared that it would be available to candidates this month. Could anybody please tell if it is available now or not? Thanks a lot. – swing

Did you call CFAI?

No, I did not.

I wrote to CFAI about it. Response below - Thank you for contacting us, Mr Xxx. The 2007 Level III Essay Exam and Guideline Answers will be available in mid to late November. Regards, Brian Armontrout Client Services

not that i check it several times a day but…

When released they will end up here…

Good job lig…beat me by a minute.

2007 Exam Morning Session is available NOW !

Portfoliomanager Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 2007 Exam Morning Session is available NOW ! Thanks. Btw, it’s a LONG ANSWERS.

Holy isht, equity collar was right! no wonder i passed. haha

now i see they accepted collar or “private” exchange fund. grading that q must have been torturous. no wonder it took so long. that question was a bit of a debacle imho.

I hate that CFAI changes its guidelines each year. Previously you never considered that investors could change their plans for donations and this year you have to (Q 1-B)

Interesting solutions.

Having read some of those answers, I am amazed that I actually past the damn exam! I guess it was so tough that everyone scored dismally on the Morning paper, and the people who eventually passed did so only by performing well on the Evening multiple choice section.

Regarding Question 9, performance attribution- It’s unbelievable to me how arriving at the answer is so straight-forward and simple when you read the answers and yet I bombed the entire question. I think sometimes people tend to make things more complicated then they really are! whatever

i cant remeber my answers. all i know is it was somehow enough to pass. thank god i am done.

Their results for the “equity collar” question don’t seem to reflect that the options that make up the collar will expire. What happens then? You create a new equity collar?

Scratch that. I guess you take the capital gains at the expiry of the collar. The question only said they wanted to “defer” the capital gains tax. I hope they got some long-dated options! :slight_smile:

After reading the 2007 pm session questions and guideline answers, all I can say is that I am so glad I am done with this exam. I don’t even remember some of those questions let alone what I put & why. Cheers!!!

Hey stock_girl! Agreed on some of the answers. I literally blacked out during part of the morning session. They still haven’t mailed me the charter. Did you get yours yet???