is the schweser Premium plus solution worth to buy?

Hi, I wanted to know if the schweser premium plus solution worth it to buy? I’m just not sure how much the 2day mock exam that’s online and 3 day seminar archive are really worth it. Can anyone that’s taking or have taken the level II give me some advice? Thanks.

from my solid L1 + limited L2 experience + finance and accounting background - the value of the 2 day mock exam is null, as many people on this forum will tell you that CFAI mocks and samples have fared better than schweser samples in L2. the value of the 3day seminar is good if you have not had enough prep time before, you need a crash course, and you learn better via live instruction rather than self learning from books. the thinking is similar for the schweser videos i.e. you have to know if you are a better learner via visual instruction or better via self-learning from books. that said, the schweser / stalla vids alone will not get you across the finish line, the videos are good complements to the books. i personally am using the schweser vids (got a good deal from a pal). i would have jumped to the stalla vids without a doubt because of Peter Olinto but Stalla doesn’t sell individual products. HTH