Is the Wager Between Tyler and Itera Still On?

If yes, can I suggest Wonder Woman costume instead of the Sandwich?

Tyler, if you do this, you’ll be the coolest dude in this Forum.

Sorry Audacious, not happening! That choirboy never stepped up and accepted my initial challenge. Though not all is lost because I plan on heading down to the local pub that I get the results to perform my own rendition of the scene below, no matter what my score is.

That’s cooool. If I were you, I’d wear bell-bottom jeans, fancy shirt, over the top bowtie; black and white disco shoes. Will ask them to play the Bee Gees, then dance with dance moves from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Share the video please.

You know what, I liked the idea. I might do it myself.