Is there a decent video lecture provider for CAIA?

Considering L1, I learn best via video lectures - hate reading.

Are there any companies that specialise in this for CAIA like Mark Meldrum/Marc Lefebevre does for CFA and are they any good?

When I did level 1 CAIA I used Kaplan and an English guy called Stuart Jackaman delievered the lectures. He was fantastic. For Level 2, I used both Greg Filbeck from Kaplan and Paddy Jalali from Uppermark - both were superb too.

I used the Kaplan online weekly study classes with Stuart Jackaman for CAIA L1. I felt like they were a complete waste of my time. I got nothing out of it.

Really? Different strokes for different folks I suppose. I found him superb, and to be honest without him I would have failed level 1 and then most likely just quit altogether.

I am not sure what the ladies name for CAIA L1 was at Uppermark, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I felt that she made little attempt at actually explaining the material. I could have just read the slides myself. That was my experience anyway.

I agree with this. Its an extra $100 to watch the video revision for L2 and the lady doing it was bland and just read all the slides. I could have read them all myself. I found little use from them and would not recommend it