is there a difference between 07 and 09 Schweser?

I’m looking to buy some Schweser CFA notes online and am just wondering if there’s any difference between getting the 07 version(much cheaper) vs. getting 09. Thanks!

My viewpoint: if you would only use the old books as supplementary material and mainly study from the books that go with the program (CFAI’s books) then you could perhaps use them but by and large the LOS /learning outcome statements/ change a lot inbetween years (I suspect it is a business concept) so you could probably not rely on the old books if you plan to use them as your primary study tool. It also depends on how much money you have; I was once in a similar position and chose to dump my old books and buy new ones but that is because I was short of time and not short of cash. It is more cumbersome to study from old literature; with current books you can (more or less) rely on Schweser having done a good job in keeping them up to date and you will not have to double-check everything yourself.