Is there a Job that only a CFA Charterholder Can Do?

Is there a Job in this world for which holding the CFA Charter is Mandatory? Like, to be an Auditor, having the relevant accounting charter (In the country of practice) is mandatory !

In A field like equity research, which uses the most of the CFA Program Knowledge, Having CFA Charter is PLUS.,but not a Requisite.,as you can easily get into this career with an MBA also. (and more easily if you have degree from a Premier B School).

CEO of the CFA institute? But other than that probably none.

I thought so… This is ONE of the reasons i have started to feel that CFA is the least rewarding of all the certifications in the finance field…

^ Ha. To argue that it may not be worth all of the time and effort to obtain is one thing, but to claim it is the least valuable finance designation is ridiculous. It is the most highly regarded designation in the field.

more and more on job postings I am seeing outside of X amount of years experience, most are listing MBA or CFA…nothing else.

If you want to start a firm as an investment manager, it will make the process MUCH easier if you are a CFA Charterholder.

No, there isn’t.

damn, less rewarding than claritas? :frowning:


Sure. a job that’s looking to hire a CFA charterholder for the sole purpose of teaching CFA candidates.

in the finance world? No.

What about less rewarding than the MAJOR Certifications ? CPA, CA, etc?

This is the difference between a certification (or charter) and a license. Accountant and Actuary designations (along with lawyers, doctors, plumbers, etc.) are licenses. Generally a license will serve to increase wages and decrease employment volatility in the field, by restricting supply. Finance however doesn’t really have a license, though you could argue that NASD exams are a license of sorts but they are too easy to get to really act like a license. So I think of the charter as a signalling and networking tool, so it will provide “soft” benefits as opposed to the a licenses “hard” benefits.

i’m sure one day it will be a requirement to be a research analyst and publish reports. in 20 years, when basically every analyst has the CFA anyway, you could then make it a requirement of the job and add some unique prestige to the charter. doing it now would probably put a quarter of all analysts on the street. i guess you could phase it in and give current analysts say 5 years to get it done or something.

^ Employers will not ignore a solid candidate with great experience that can make the firm $$$ if he doesn’t have the Charter. Not today, not in 20 years.

I could ask a question similar to the thread title by inquiring if there is a job in the world that a Harvard MBA couldn’t do. All jokes about hacksaws aside, you’d be hard-pressed to find one.

However, the chances of the Harvard MBA gaining access to the jobs that the OP wants are much better than those holding an East Backwater U MBA. Similarly, this is the case with the CFA.

I don’t know why people have chips on their shoulders about these credentials. Not many people having the CFA charter are asking such questions; it is only those without. Further, the CFA is among the most meritocratic ways to get ahead in the industry – only laziness or lack of focus is keeping someone from holding this charter, not some elite conspiracy of Ivy League admissions officers.

is this question a joke?

OP thinks too highly of CFA. Basically it just an exam that can be passed if you study hard enough for it


As is CPA or whatever the leading accounting designation is in your country. Actually outside odba PhD, most things can be broken down into just passing a test.

I think the OP was asking “what is the CFA a golden ticket for?” and was disappointed to find that the answer was “nothing”.

another important lesson in life: it’s full of disappointments.