Is there a Way to Calculate Fixed Income Questions on BA II Plus Pro?

I just saw the manaual guide and i see there’s a way to calculate modified duration option on the calculator. is there a guide to any such questions on how to solve on calculator. (what ever saves me from remember less formulas).

There is no way to calculate modified duration on the calculator. However you can calculate Macaulay Duration, full price, flat price and accrued interest via the BOND worksheet on the BA II Plus. You’ll find enough information on the web how to manage the BOND worksheet. Google is your friend. Best, Oscar

You can watch this video , it explains all the functions you can use on BA II.


Thank you soo much!. Makes it soo Easier less formulas to remember

Great video! Thanks!

I still having a question. if you are typing a long ecuation and you realize that you miss a number could you go back to the latest calculation you just made before?