Is there an easy way to verify someone's CFA membership?

It is not that I want to spy on anybody. But one person makes me extremely suspicious in his claim.

Didn’t the CFAI discuss having an open membership directory? I would be in favor of it if we could opt in/out and control the amount of information disclosed. For example, if I wanted just my name and email address listed, but not employer or phone number, I could chose that.

If you have access to the CFA website, there is a member directory. You may need to be a member to access that particular part. Be sure to read the disclaimers.

I could not find any directory

Ahh… OK I am not a member just candidate

The CFAI publishes a list in the WSJ each year to congratulate each Charterholder. Perhaps you can search through achieves.

There is an easy way - ask any CFAI member (if you dont have access yourslef) to check in member directory. its like 30 seconds of work

Yep, CFA member directory. But beware, just because they are in the directory does not meet they can say they have the CFA Charter. You can be a member without holding the charter.

In a background check, I am told that you need to supply your charter number if you are claiming to be a charterholder. I am not sure that candidates are screened as carefully, but they could ask for your candidate number just to confirm that you took and passed the exams they said you did.

Our analysts verify all CFA charterholder claims for any hedge fund manager we invest in. It’s as simple as calling CFAI and giving them the name and I believe either the current employer or the SSN.