Is there any change in Dec'10 from June'11??

Hello everyone this is my 1st post here and I wanted to know does anyone knows whether there will be or is any change from CFA institute in the June’11 material from Dec’10 material?? I got Band 8 in Dec’10… reappearing for June’11. Thank you.

Hey this is what I found: It seems as if there are slight changes but most important ones are in GIPS. I’d go with '11 books.

Thanks… I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

u level 1 for this June too?

yep…got band 9 in Dec. Sucks

me too… feels awful… anyway in which did u lose ur score?

Quantitative methods dragged me down, but I totally expected it because I hadn’t studied it well enough. I was a little disappointed with ethics, thought had nailed it but got 50-70%. You? Where are you studying from? I’m in NY.

M in Mumbai… I thought that the exam was easy but when I read that pass% was 36 I had my fingers crossed. I was pretty good in all subject, just that didn’t time for proper revision also I didn’t take any Mock exams… regretting it. U using Schweser?? I use their Books as well as Videos. Do use know any site where we can get flashcards for free?? And what do you do?

Yes I thought the exam was easy too but I did guess some questions. I did a very bad revision too and didn’t take mock exams didn’t even finish properly the Schweser samples. So stupid! But I guess I paid my price :slight_smile: I work for a financial news agency as an analyst. We determine what news moves the markets/stocks/currencies everything. It’s a bit like a mini bloomberg. and you? I got this application on my iphone cfa jam and they give you flash cards. I’m not sure how great it is. I rely on my own notes. I am using both schweser and CFAI. I start reading schweser and then go over to cfai to see if i missed anything and do the questions from both books. I’m not using videos for the moment. I feel like i’m more efficient at reading.

Naa… I dun work…Just got done with my graduation… My target is to clear this level 1 by this June, then wud go for post graduation in Economics and most probably L2 in June’12. Is job experience handy while preparing for the exam, as ur job is related to the curriculum? At the end of the day you have to read and read. I dun rely of the videos but usually after reading a topic I watch the video to get the depth…else sometimes before reading if the topic is boring… God I dun understand how I missed this exam…?!

I felt pretty bad about missing it myself because I have a master in finance. But I think the background doesn’t matter, at the end of the day it’s about retention, revision and reading, reading and reading. Oh and reading :slight_smile: And of course, the type of questions that CFA presents to you are different from any test I had to take. I think multiple choices are quite idiotic, to be honest. My job has helped me in the macroeconomic aspect, especially central bank interventions/inflation etc, price movements (although I didn’t have much knowledge about macroeconomics) and also in financial statements reading since I cover equities specifically. I think it’s good to be in the financial environment because it feels like you don’t leave your books. However, I don’t think it’s much related. From what I’ve read in this forum people find it helpful for ethics mainly. It’s a good thing you’re doing this while studying. Do you plan to continue your studies in India? Good luck to you

Oh good I think I can get some more help from you… I need to ask you something but I won’t ask you here… cuz its related to finance but not CFA in particular moreover don’t wana start a debate here… So anyway can you mail me ur e-mail on ? Of course thats my e-mail, kinda weird. I know…

By the way did you started re-studying yet? I still haven’t… and I dun know but I would love to get out of India, work and study sumwhr else… wud be so nice!!

Just for the sake of experience… you know!