Is there any difference in exam June 2014 vs Dec 2014

Hi ,

As i am not sure when i will be ready for CFA level 1 exam , i am going to start soon but i would like would there be any difference if i buy study material from kaplan or some where else for June 2013 and may be i finally give exam on Dec 2014 . Would there be any difference in syllbus for June vs Dec 2014 and i don’ t have much finanacial background , how long does each CFA level take for an average person . Thanks.

No difference between June 2014 and December 2014.

Thanks for the reply , can i also know how much time it take to prepare for each level . I know it dependes on each individual but i heard the level 2 and 3 are more difficult than leval 1 so if i spend 4-6 months of leval 1 , how many month it may take for level 2 and level 3

If you have a background in finance:

L1: 200-300 hours

L2: 400-500 hours

L3: 500-600 hours