Is there any flashcard product for CFA?

Is there any flashcard product for CFA?

I have [physical] flashcards from Schweser for 2011. Stalla may have flashcard for iPhone. Slides work better me…it’s a “composite” of flashcards, 12 cards at a time. :slight_smile:

Schweser does:

But probably best and cheaper if you create your own.

I put some up for what I used on the level 1 cfa exam. Didn’t like anything else I saw out there because I didn’t want physical flashcards to carry around and nobody had anything that looked good on the phone. Used something called MathJax so the equations actually look like equations. Not perfect but there ain’t much out there for CFA on mobile that is nice.

However I am not to level 3. If people actuallly used this thing I might take the time to get some help and slap some level 3 defs and equations up there.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Works on everything (mobile - pc), but looks best on anything not name microsoft :wink: (there browser is always the worse to make things for)