is there any order that needs to be followed or all books are independent ?

Hi all,

I would be starting in march…please let me know if any order that needs to be followed or all books are independent. I will be studying from schweser andi am planning to spend around 170-180 hours…dnt know if that’s enough…spent similar amt of time for l2

not enough too late

but then you said you spent same time in L2

so why ask in the first place?

oh well, people like to pull attention.

any order you like

Yeah I honestly just hop around. I try to knock out the more important readings up front and then just focus on whatever reading I find appealing on that particular day. I think doing this is probably a better strategy than just starting on RA 1 and working your way through the text. By going back and forth you are going to stay fresh on areas that you have already studied.

I’ve been through all the material. I don’t think it makes a ton of difference if you read the books in order. There isn’t too much that builds on information discussed in earlier volumes.

I agree with QNA. Starting in March is too late.

I agree with Iteracom. You can go in pretty much any order.

I agree with Tyler. Start with the “big” readings. (Individuals, Institutions, Fixed Income, Asset Allocation)

I agree with SFR. There’s not much that “builds” directly on something else.

What you’ll find is that all the readings are intertwined–it’s impossible to segregate them like at Levels 1 and 2. So while you don’t *have to* know fixed income to understand asset allocation for institutional investors, you’ll need to understand all them to manage a bond portfolio for an endowment. (This is the type of question that I think we are likely to see on Level 3.)

kool…thanx every one