Is there any point doing the 2014 CFAI MOCK?

I’ve checked the changes between 2014 and 2016. It seems like complete changes in Fixed income, Portfolio management, equities, removal of soft dollars and prudence in perspective for Ethics, and minor changes in FRA. I wonder if anyone did the 2014 cfai mock exam?

From where do you get previous years mocks?

I’m just digging out some old trash my friend gave me and found this.

Good for you. I would really like to get my hands on 2015 mock. You could skip the topics that have changed and attempt the rest of the mock. It will be good practice.

Are we ignoring the elephant in the room? That you can download anything in the darknet these days?

I have done mocks from 2009 and 2011. On both, I was able to still get 60s even though I skipped topics that have been taken out of the curriculumn. Imo, there’s plenty of questions that are still relevant from these mocks! I even recognized some cases from these years that made it to this years’ online topic tests.

The first rule of Fight Club is …

^ yes

I got my hands on 2015 mock. Can someone just confirm whats the name of the first vignette just to make sure? Thanks

McKenna Adam?

Guys…all the relevant past mocks are basically the topic tests…there is no need to go looking for them. I took the test last year exam and failed and have the 2015 mock. I can tell you they basically took last years mock and split it up into the topic tests. I’m pretty sure they did that too with the 2014 one the year before.

Yes you are correct, the vignettes are same as topic tests.