Is there any recognition for Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) designation?

Dear Fellows,

I have recently come across this designation Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) offered by Corporate Finance Institute. The curriculum seems well-designed for practical needs and the exam is conducted online. However, I am uncertain of its depth, recognition, acceptability.

To give a little background on myself, I have an early-level managerial position in investment banking. I am looking for a program other than CFA to stay updated and continue education. Also, since I am relocating to Australia in a few months, I would like to know if this designation would be recognized there.


Since no one has responded, I’m guessing they are like I am.

Never heard of it.

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Now that is what a “to the point” answer is.

Wondering how come no one has heard of it as their webpage is touting big numbers.

Does it teach you practical stuff you don’t already know?

I did some Googling and this website (link below ) did a good analysis of the certificate you are trying to pursue. It raises some valid points.

Link :

do yourself a favor and pay for premium services at LinkedIn and do some research…Search for people with titles you someday want to have and people who work in places you hope to land someday and see how many of these folks have above designation or any other designations including CFA, MBA, MS, etc.

After all you want to land a front office “research” role right? Do some research on your own.

Another excelent link sir. Tank


Can you please share the link? Seems it was removed…

I removed it. It was in violation of the CFA* Ethics.

* Cat Fanciers Association

I’ve completed the FMVA and it was great for Excel skills in Financial Modeling and Business Valuation (as the name would suggest). The instructors are really into keyboard shortcuts so its good practice on not using your mouse which I thought was really fun!