Is there any value added for applying Master of Finance while you already passed LV3 ?

Please share your experience. Many thanks !

Since you’re from Canada I’m assuming you’re looking at Queen’s or UofT?

I’ve heard good things about the UofT program, from my understanding Queen’s program is more or less a glorified prep for the CFA program. Especially noticeable since the UofT waives GMAT if you passed all 3 levels and Queens waives the requirement if you just pass level 1.

Queens is half the cost but I would be more inclined to trust Rotman/UofT brand, especially in Toronto.

Thanks suitedtadpole. My academic record is just B with little Fund accounting experience. By passing the Level 3 exam may not enough for me to get into Uoft ?

By the way, is the master program is 1 year or 2 years / course or research based ? Appreciate for your information.

You can submit your resume and a rep will get in touch with you and give you an idea if you have the required credentials, I think passing all three levels and a B will be enough. Also the program is part time, so you can build your work experience over the two years.

Not sure how generous they are with scholarships though, I know the MBA program likes Charter holders.

It’s definitely not cheap so really think about it, try reaching out to people who have it on Linkedin, see what their feedback is.

how much work experience vs school have you had. I would caution you about pursuing a ton of education. I don’t know your background, but if you push it too far with too much education and too little experience, you start to fall into an awkward bucket of people who can’t break in

Great thanks for your advise.

Hi Itera,

That’s what I am worried about. When I am looking for job for couple months and still no response, I am thinking should I do something else rather than wasting time.

I think I’m starting to be here. I’m about a year from a MSF degree. But I live in DC where education and book sense is valued over common sense.

The Qs program struggles to place and you probably won’t learn anything new. I know a few grads and it’s a rough going all around.

The UofT one has high reqs, don’t think a B will cut it even if it was in engineering at UT. The guys are pretty bright from what I’ve seen. Placement seems ok but not stellar. I think you will struggle to land a good gig after, so it’s a low probability play in my books. Try to get better work experience and do an MBA or something a few years down the line.

Again, thanks for advise !

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