Is there anyone attending the exam in SYDNEY?

I don’t whether i need to bring my bag with all the material, water, stationary. Is there any storage for candidates? At least i need to bring my mobile & money with me to the exam. PS: can we bring coffee to the exam room?

You can’t bring your phone or coffee into the exam room or any bags. They may have storage depending on your location - but they are not responsible for lost bags.

really? does that mean i should not bring heaps of stuff on exam day? but if we can’t bring personal belongings. how can i get back to my hotel… So…what can you bring? Does that mean no one will bring their wallet or secret sauce (reading for lunch break)??

You can bring your keys, personal belongings - but not electronic devices besides the official calculators. Might have to stash secret sauce somewhere outside the exam location if you want to read on the break.

Thanks a lot…:slight_smile:

find a secret stash for secret sauce