Is this a good order to study each section?

Quant. Methods FI Review Der/Alt FRA Review Equity PM Review Corp Finance Economics Ethics

I started with QM and have been spending alot of time with TVM questions which I finished, I recently started statistics (which such a loooong topic), Should I go with this order after Im done with quant?

What are the hardest topics in your opinion?

Depends on your background. Many candidates find FRA and Quant very hard so they dedicate more time to it.

If you’re pressed for time then I would spend more time on heavier-weighted topics like FRA. I would also leave ethics to the very end.

Everything in between is pretty discretionary.

Yeah I`m finding quant. methods pretty hard…

For sure FRA is about 20% of the test so is the topic I wanna spend more time studying for sure.

I just hope all topics are not as hard as I`m finding QM haha

Yeah I`m gonna leave ethics for when I finish everything else.

I would study in the order that the material comes in. I’m not sure how much thought went into ordering the material, but my guess is that the order is carefully crafted for optimal studying. The material builds as you go along. At least this is what I’ve realised/have seen.

It actually doesnt for ethics you would require to remember stuff that is more short term memory so Its better to take it as the last topic, for the others I don`t know what order would be more efficient through…

For QM, do a lot of practice questions. If you find a topic or LOS to be extremely hard, I would save it for later.