Is this a good study approach?

I took the Schweser book 6 Exam 1 two weeks ago and got a 46% on the am and P.M. exams, but that was after reading the material once and not going back over things. I studied all of the material again and got a 65% on the book 6 AM exam yesterday. Do you think it would be wise to take one CFA mock exam thursday morning and go over the material the rest of the day, and then on friday take another CFA mock exam and go over the material again through the day? I feel like I am borderline right now.

I’m leaving friday completely free. Not going to study anything. A good day’s rest will be more important!

I disagree with taking friday off. A few days ago I took a day off. The next morning I took an exam and got a 61%. Thats 10% worse than my next lowest practice score. Obviously that could be due to a harder exam, but 10% is a significant change. my plan is to keep taking a 120q exam each morning, and then review my worst 2 sections. Thats also my plan for friday.

Im leaving a 120Q CFAI exam for friday. Last thing I want is to cool down.

Do not stop studying now. Leave your last day free. It is of critical importance that you don’t lose shape and be quick enough to solve Qs. 4-5 days off could severely impair your performance on the actual exam.

Looking over ethics on Friday, that is it.