Is this a mistake? I'm confused

Which of the following statements about proxy statements is least accurate? Proxy statements are: a. available on the EDGAR site b. a good source of info about the qual. of board members c. not filed with the SEC (Correct answer is C) Proxy statements are issued to shareholders when there are matters that require a shareholder vote. These statements, which are also filed with the SEC and available from EDGAR, are a good source of information about the election of and qualifications of board members, compensation, management qualifications, and the issuance of stock options. How is the answer C, when the explanation says that it is filed with SEC. I do not dispute the other answer choices, they all seem correct.

LOL. I get it. I think this is a sign that I have studied enough for tonight.

:slight_smile: I do this all the time, always miss “least”

Definitely enough studying for you tonight. Having just taken the CPA exam and now Level 1, carefully reading the question is key to passing. Although, I admit, I make this mistake quite often. :frowning: