Is this a rejection letter

I had the interview two week ago, and met with 5 people.The HR called me last Wen to say that he got feedbacks from the interviewers, and he just wanted to give me some updates. Overall, my interview went pretty well, they were still interviewing other candidates, and would let mme know the decision later. I have still not heard anything from them by today, then I sent an email to the HR, and he responded “Thanks frank with your continued interest. We have filled one of 2 positions, you remain under consideration for the second. The process will likely take a few more weeks to complete. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions during that time. Mike” Doesn’t it mean I am out? if they like me, they should have made offer to me. During the interview, one manager told me that 2 perople left their team last Dec(but they are in different positions, and different level). I am not sure which opening they already filled in. ummmm…sad.

“you remain under consideration for the second” You’re still a chance, it probably just means they may find someone more suited to the position from their persepective

It’s not a rejection, but the tide is not moving your way… it sounds like you impressed them, but failed to overwhelm them, so they’re still looking around. It would be good somehow to do something to get interviewed again - I’m not sure what would do this, but I am sure that “out of sight, out of mind.” Maybe write up something for them and send to all 5 people as a sample work, reminding them of how charming they are and how much you would like the job, or at least to discuss more with them.

Just write an email to the head guy you interviewed with (I am sure the 5 ppl u interviewed with are not on the same level and one top guy might hold the decision to hire people). And remind him your interest to join the firm.

Thank you for your input, I will follow your advice. Can someone give me a sample, what should I say in my email.

I wrote an email after not hearing from the people I interview with for awhile. I kept it short and said something along the lines of “although I know you might still be conducting interviews, I just want to reiterate my interest in this position…blah blah blah on why.” Can’t hurt. I ended up getting the job.