Is this a translation gain or a translation loss?

I’d post the entire question with tables and data, but it would take me an hour. Summary: The question asks us to compute the translation gain or loss. Fact (straight from the written answer) : the translated total assets from the balance sheet (cash, a/r, inventory, ppe) = 1445 From the liabilities and equity section of the balance sheet, I convert: a/p, long term debt, common stock, and retained earnings. After translation I add em all up and they sum to 1336. The question asks for a translation gain or loss. I see the difference between translated assets and translated liabilities and equity = 1445 - 1336 = 109. A. $99 B. $104 C. $109 —> this is the answer, but is this a gain or a loss? Regards

If you pointed out which question it was … and which page number (cfai, schweser) then help can be arranged.

and from the look of things - the 109 is only a difference. now if you are doing the temporal method in the question: 109 is the RE Ending. Now figure out - what is the Net Income translated using “RE Begin + NI - Dividends = RE End”. -------------- Go to the Income statement - figure out the NI from operations itself. --------------- NI Translated - is what should be the final figure. NI Translated - NI from operations ===> inclusive of SIGN is your translation gain//loss.

this is Schweser sample exams, exam 2, afternoon session, #101