Is this a violation of standard? :

Is this a violation of standard? : A candidate discusses specific questions from the June level 1 CFA exam with a candidate for the December exam. According to Schweser practice exam 2 mornig session this is a violation, but I bielive that haveing a discussion on an old exam question (which here is the June exam) can not be a violation.

I believe you can not discuss specific questions in any past exams.

Ya, some days back someone has pasted a whole list of Qs…and when I reminded everyone of the Code and Ethics, I was Boooooed…no-one liked my honest comments…:))) But yes, I feel writing any CFA Question word for word in the forum is a violation… My Q, which still remains unanswered, is if I buy Schweser QBank from a current CFA candidate who has already given up on June CFA1 exam, is that a violation of any kind? I have heard that almost 20% give up on CFA1…I mean who register for the exam but dont show up on exam day…

imran, you are unbelievable

Imran, I have no idea.

I had a friend who bought a Qbank off someone and he died. :open_mouth:

Let it go Imran, let it go. No one cares.

I think it was in the Level II forum last year or sometime before, but a lot of people got on AF right after the exam ended and they were able to reconstruct the exam almost word for word.

Ya, u r right - no one cares…Ethics is just a subject we need to pass…but one day those guys who laugh it out will regret…!!! It is obvious that some guys do not really know why CFAI puts so much of weightage on Ethics - someday u will…You guys are young and have a ‘devil may care’ attitude…but someday you will realise… stig, who died - the one who sold or the one who bought? Are you a ghost? lol

^ “weightage” is not a word.


I think buying the Qbank from someone who is not Schweser is almost certainly a violation.

It is better to just call Schweser and ask…I shud have done that but I prefered the forum…hehehe…!!!

imranmir - I was just joking, the friend I mentioned didn’t die. He was actually arrested and sent to a Russian labor camp in Siberia where he is still incarcerated and forced to breed orcs in trees for a mere two bowls of gruel a day.

stig: ATLAST we have someone here who has a fantastic sense of humour…BRAVO!!!

should would love them. they will love you back!