Is this an Ethics violation?

Joe Bloggs, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

I think it is because it implies that he is a “Chartered Financial Analyst”, when really he is a “Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder”

Nah man, the book says Joe Bloggs, Chartered Financial Analysts is good

i just want to know whether including the CFA trademark as well violates the code.

I would think that it does because it might overexaggerate the designation putting it twice. Not sure though.

what book? I remember the curric said its not allowed to spell out the words like that so it is a violation.

IMO, use either Joe Bloggs, Chartered Financial Analyst or Joe Bloggs, CFA. Using both would be violation probably, althought not 100% sure.

While we’re at it, something that has been bothering me for a while… do you HAVE to include the comma before “CFA”? Probably not going to come up in an exam but good for office banter when trying to establish if some guy you just had a meeting with is violating the codes and standards!

I believe you are misinformed:

page 183 Standards of practise hand book

Correct: John Jones, Chartered Financial Analyst.


according to the institute it is a matter of preference. If you don’t list it it doesn’t violate the code. I dont have a reference but I did read it on their website or something because i was curious aswell.