Is this BO or MO?

Job in commercial fin division of a large company / job function says risk management Description is basically traveling around to different companies (the borrowers) and conducting due diligence/field exams and reporting on collateral, industry, the business, etc… Also, what kind of options are available after completing a role like this? I don’t have much of an interest in audit, but it seems like it might be a good stepping stone in this rough job market.

Don’t get hung up whether something’s BO/MO.

Just curious. Would like opinions on the job as well.

sounds pretty good. oh and risk is neither BO or MO

sounds good getting out of the moffice and travelling around

this is DD (due diligence) – sounds like back office to me

Due diligence is back office? What about if you are looking to acquire a company - then it is front office?

This is a collateral auditor… Not back office per se, but just a support function. Don’t go there if want to be a “front office” person.

I don’t have a lot of options coming from a non-target and graduating in December… where do you suggest one look to be a “front office” person? I figure it has to be better than doing FP&A for a couple years… but maybe not

This definitely is not back-office, you are directly judging the counterparties.

j-rad Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Just curious. Would like opinions on the job as > well. You will travel to the local used car dealership and count the cars on the lot.