Is this crazy to do?

Note: I am unemployed so bear this in mind Sort of stuck on what to do next. I feel like I am losing information fast (as evidenced by my second score for practice exam #2). Background: Total Hours = 300 Covered Material = Read CFAI once, Schweser once, Schweser Flash Cards once Practice Exams Taken = Schweser (1 AM/PM 70/81, 2 AM/PM 69/72) Proposed Game plan: Mondays = practice exams (full plus review) Tues - Fri = I alloted myself 2 days per Schweser text. I won’t be caught up and think I can handle the volume. That will still give me exam week totally free. Is this a doable - decent strategy. Or am I short changing myself by not dedicating enough time to trouble spots. So conflicted.

On second thought - that is crazy. Revising it to 2 days per book reviewing highlighted areas and summaries and then focusing in on trouble areas. Sometimes writing it out makes you think more clearly. Wheeew.

Take the real 2006 through 2008 morning exams in timed conditions. CFAI has given you the real questions and the real guideline answers. I think that’s a clue, don’t you? Seriously, the morning session was the difference between passing and failing for the 2007 and 2008 exams. You not only need to know the material, you need to know how to handle the test.

Where are the actual cfa tests and answers available at?

Black Swan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Where are the actual cfa tests and answers > available at?