Is this enough to pass

Good day. I’ve done 6 mocks and I have consistently scored 65-67%. I do not think this is good enough to pass and considering I have been consistent, it’s safe to say I will probably score in this region on Saturday (barring very good/bad fortune). Those of you who have sat and passed Level 1, what is your take on this score - is it enough?

I have averaged my topic scores:

Ethics - 64%

Quants - 57%

Economics - 67%

FRA - 67%

CF - 59%

Portfolio Theory - 71%

Equities - 83%

Fixed Income - 71%

Derivatives - 50%

Alterantives - 60%

Obviously my weak area is quants & derivatives so will focus on them tomorrow. I think I’m borderline, only 3 scores >70 I don’t think is ideal (esp since that does not include ethics).

You may be pleasantly surprised that come exam day, the actual exam is a bit easier (or at least more straightforward) than most or all of the mocks you’ve done. I wouldn’t say it’s “safe to say” that you’ll score 65-67, you could do quite a bit better than your mocks. That’s been my experience through the first two levels at least.

You’ll never know your true score or what the MPS is so speculating on if a 65 is enough to pass is a waste of time. I think you’re in a good spot. Go in confident on Saturday and kill it.

I think you’re looking decent. Read the Ethics standards a time or two and write your formula sheet at least twice. Good luck.

Cheers both. Appreciate your feedback.

Best of luck to all of those sitting tomorrow!

How did you study ?