Is This Guy Lying About Having CFA?

I’ve brought it to CFAI to check.

Image result for its a trap meme

It’s possible that Nate is his middle name.

Why are you so concerned about it that you would plaster it all over AF?

Inb4 anti bullying lecture.


It would be pretty weird to find some random person’s online profile and bash them repeatedly on AF, amiright?

I’m not sure what’s going on here.


Is his research good? If so, who cares if he has his CFA or not?

lol yea whats the beef frankie?

I don’t care about having the CFA. I care about lying about having the CFA.

E-mail CFA Institute ( and encourage them to investigate it. It’s their job to care, not yours.

What would cfa do if he wasn’t a member and didn’t plan on being one and just kept using it?

Here it is. If OP has an issue with this guy, they should contact them personally. Trying to set off a faceless cyber mob is cowardly. When you gonna bully a particular individual, you gotta own up to your bullying and show your face or you are a faceless cyberbully coward. That applies to greenman in the SG, OG thread.

Fair enough on this one I guess? I don’t think discussing qualifications that are publicly listed is again, that big of a deal.

Probably write him a cease and desist letter.

If that didn’t work, they’d probably file a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

Ok, I reported him to CFAI and edited the original post. He is a public researcher who posts short reports, so I didn’t think people would care so much. It’s easy enough to prove membership or just passing CFA exams :bulb:

Perhaps he merely identifies as a CFA. Then again, perhaps his designation identity is fluid, sometimes CFA, sometimes CPA, sumptimes licensed gemologist.

Nathan Anderson

CFA exams should include a section on using google to find information

So he’s lying about having the CAIA designation too I see…