Is this job worth pursuing?

I applied for a position at a top BB in their regional office. I had a first round phone interview and, since the job description was incredibly vague, asked the interviewer whether this was back or front office-type work. He said it’s more middle office. I just got an email saying they want 2 more hours worth of phone interviews and I’m wondering if it’s worth my time. I hate the city where the job is located, the work sounds mundane, but the brand name on my resume would be stellar. What do you guys think?

Principal Responsibilities: •Edit marketing materials focused on different product lines •Prepare materials for meetings •Compile analysis

Only you can answer that question. You will have to live in that city and do the work for most of your waking hours.

I can sit comfortably here in my rocking chair and say it’s great but I won’t live with the consequences.

that really depends what you are looking to do. if updating pitchbook and reporting is what you want to do, then the answer is yes.

If you are looking to move into something more of front office, involve in investment decision making process, then the answer might be no.

Just having BB name on your resume, doesnt really go very far. This is based on my experience.

Also based on my experience evaluating candidates.

The job description might as well say 24/7 powerpoint monkey.

Whether or not the interviews are worth your time… well, I normally learn something from interviews, even if I don’t end up working at that place. It’s probably worth it to just go through the process, even if it turns out to be just practice for when you interview for a job that you really like.

Sounds like a decent Client Service Analyst position, more towards client facing than investments, dunno, is it better than your current position?


For future reference, if I put the bullet points you listed into google, the first result is the job you mentioned. The second is your post on Analyst Forum about the job. Edit that bad boy.

W/R/T your initial post: what former trader said.