is this real?

whatya think


Guys are pure hateful racists baiting black folks in every video.

That was awesome. Best laugh of the day.

I didn’t see one thing in there that was funny.

doesn’t seem real

So some lanky whiteboy approaches the brothas axin’ if they want to buy a gun. Even the dumbest brotha would assume one or more of the following;

  1. Setup by very stupid police

  2. If a whiteboy is this stupid, we’re going to get caught

  3. There is a small chance he’s packing now

The fact that most of the homies resorted to violence seems a little far fetched and furthers the race baiting nature of their whole youtube channel. I would imagine most brothas would simply tell the cracka to get the fxck out of there and that would be that.

Then again I know most brothas on tha block are not the most rational folks out there.

^Then again, they probably wouldn’t bother to show the 94 instances where the dudes just say, “No thank you” and walk away.

on a lighter note, is this REAL?

Wait some people actually think this isn’t staged?

part II

I hope these guys get a serious beat down.

So much stupid

I thought part II was funny because the “pranksters” received well deserved beatdowns.