is this really a pass???? I CAN'T SEE HOW > 70%

I would love to know how it works!!! I need some extra motivation to keep studying.

Perhaps if you are unsatisfied with that pass grade, you can ask them to rescore it…and do nilay a favor?

Portfolio Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you don’t have to get > 70% of 240. you only need > to get 70% of the highest score of that year. > in the extreme case, if the top score is 100, you > need to get 70 correct out of 240 to pass. > > Normally the top score is around 225-235 :s do u mean that we need to be al least in the 70th percentile to pass ?? I asked before and JoeyD doesn’t think so … anyway better stick to the knitting now and talk about the marking after the exam …