is this right?

I have 5 years experience in Banking and just passed the CFA Level III exam. a couple of days ago, i had an interview with one of the leading Investment Banks for a job in corporate finance (advisory). I got shocked when the man told me that they will consider employing me at an analyst level similar to fresh graduates they hired, and also offering me a salary less then what i am getting paid now!!! The interview demotivated me big time especially after the great feeling of completing the CFA exams, notwithstanding ignoring my past experience… is this right or do they have a problem in their bank?! your views would be of a great help.

Mismatch. I once interviewed for a job and thought it was interesting. They guy said “We would pay you $x”. I said currently I am making $3.5x. Then we had a talk about how job recruiters sometimes mess things up big. Don’t be bothered by this. Somebody has a budget and some open job positions. They would be happy to have an overqualified person fill it. I’d be really happy to buy CFC stock at 6.

It’s worrying that it was a LEADING investment bank. Mostly worrying for them, though, not you.

Although i was so keen to jon them as it would be great to have them on my cv, i think putting their name on the cv wil cost me a lot. I don’t mind a modest downgrade for a future benefit but ignoring ALL of my experience (even if it is not directly related to the new position) and the CFA designation is too much i think.

Unfortunately if they’re BB, the fresh grads from Ivy League schools are probably banging down the door to get in, and they’re not going to make a penny more because you have a CFA. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense for them to pay up for the charter…