Is this the stupidest thing I'll ever do?

I took advantage of the “cares” act and borrowed $20k from my 401k with deferred payments for 6 months.

I’m supposed to use the $20k to build a two car garage and some landscaping on the house I just bought, but, that $20K could become $60K if I traded FX with it. Right?

That’s what you guys would do right?


Send it to me and I’ll put it to work for you. Because I know that you’re . . . um . . . terribly busy.

Pretty much guaranteed return. Pretty much.

I patiently await your wire transfer.

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Guy, just put the money back do the landscaping and garage later.

Borrow 100k and upgrade the house and rent that ■■■■■ out per room! Lol

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What ever happened with this?

12 months later there is no 2 car garage, no landscaping and the money evaporated into meaningless experiences like 20 dollar craft beers

Lol… the permits get submitted on Monday.

Bunch of mad neck beards in here today