Is this weird?

We found out last week that bonuses at my firm will be announced on the 26th or 27th, and they said that they would be paid out “near the end of July”. Is the one-month lag time odd, and why would they do this? Is it so that people won’t leave immediately after bonuses are announced?

So they can collect one month of interest from holding the $$?

I think that’s weird. Usually bonuses are paid out a couple weeks after they’re announced.

Numi, I agree. They don’t pay it right away. It takes time for payroll to create the check, believe it or not. They also can’t deactivate you right away either. I think the firm I work in, it takes 2 weeks to deactivate you.

does your firm receive revenue quarterly? i.e. q2 could come in mid july

My guess is that it’ll either be paid on the 15th or the 30th of July – hopefully the 15th – because waiting till the 30th would just be lame. But typically bonuses are paid along with your paycheck on payday, so it is probably going to be on one of those two dates.

It is weird to be getting a bonus in this environment.

We’ve had the cycle in march… just once per year here.

With that much lag time, I’d bet on bonuses being a little on the light side.