Is your cell phone plan good?

me : ATT … 25% corp discount , 2 gig data ~ $85 I seem to go over the data every now and then - - - what is your plan - is it better?

Free through employer…best plan around.

I assumed most had similar arrangements, is that not true?

Wow. I thought we paid more up here. C$74 for 6GB data.

I can’t believe we beat US on mobile phone plans - £28 for unlimited voice, data and text (sim only).

EDIT: Kinda makes sense though, more competition amongst operators here

Where’s Blake when you need him?

I have Sprint. Two lines, one for me and one for the wife. We have unlimited everything, and it costs a total of about $175 per month. (including fees, taxes, surcharges, etc.)

All the US plans probably suck relative to what the rest of the world gets.

about the same as geo. C$75/mth incl. taxes. 3GB.

Verizon. Unlimited everything. I think my employer pays about $95/month for it.

Cricket - $45/month. 3GB at 4G speeds, unlimited but throttled after that. Not that I ever go over 3GB. Unlimited talk and text.

$100 for the entire fam unlimited everything (3 of us)

You buy you’re phone upfront? Seems like a hell of a deal.

About $100 a month with US Cellular for me…1 line/2 gigs of data, but unlimited talk text. I was kind of sucked into them…

I do Verizon: $60 ($70 after fees and taxes). Unlimited text and calling, 2GB data + $15/GB if I go over. It’s better than previous plans without being overly wonderful or anything.

I went over once, then got an app that monitors my data use so I can gauge whether to be careful or not. Haven’t gone over since, and rarely feel that constrained, either.

I have an unlocked Moto G. It was $200 new from Amazon, but you can use any GSM phone you want. Runs on AT&T’s network.

60$ CDN including taxes - 6gb, limited daytime minutes but unlimited texting. Deep discounted corporate plan, loophole since closed.

$70/month T-mobile. 3gigs of data and free voice and text.

Free int’l roaming in pretty much any developed country!

^I just switched to T-mobile after work today.

^ I had T-mobile for 3 months last year and it drove me nuts. I found the service was terrible. I lost signal in my own house, my mom’s house, my office building if I got further from 15 feet from the exterior walls. Driving down I-10, in some spots I’d have such weak signal that google maps wouldn’t work, in others I’d have no signal at all.

Of course YMMV.

T-MO FTW. I can’t understand how anyone can deal with ATT or accept the poor level of service. I’ve had T for years and only ever found one place where I don’t get perfect reception.

For the guys that get it free through work, I’m assuming it’s then you work phone? Ie no tinder?

mine is £45 a month, unlimited minutes, texts and 4GB of 4G data for the iPhone 6. Once the 24 months is up I’ll drop to a sim only plan until the phone stops working.