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Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, why are you spelling like Murican?

Hey…Globalization doesn’t rhyme with greed

Some people grow.

So, it’s not just my post/threads that’s dissappearing. Do mods here just delete posts/threads they don’t like, without giving reasons?

So much for American’s spirits of “freedom of speech” and “democracy”.

This is not a public forum; it’s owned by Chad Sandstedt.

You have no right to freedom of speech here, and there’s no democracy: you’re here by Chad’s good graces, which he can revoke at any time for any reason, or for no reason.

For someone who purports to know so much about laws, you’re woefully ignorant.

Chad is a real BSD id love to meet him

Holy *****, this forum has been here for 16 years?

I’m a 2nd degree connection with Chad? Friend of friend??

This isn’t a publicly-owned forum under the operation of the U.S. government, so what “freedom of speech” rights are you referring to, Red? And even if it was, you’re not American – what makes you think you’d be entitled to the same rights and liberties as any American citizen?

Tangent: Why do so many “pregnant tourists from China” purposely choose to give birth on U.S. soil?



i personally like globalization, but there needs to be limits on how hard we push nature.

What did we miss?

Boston tea party?


Lol. You should meet purealpha and you’d have loved isildur.


We should sticky this and provide an automatic hyperlink the next time a patriot asks- “Why do foreigners dislike us?”.