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Any one has any info on this company ? salary , reputation etc. They have made a number of high profile hires recently ( Heather bellini for S/W and Ed najarian for financial services) . Any one has any idea how their research is viewed across the street and what their comp numbers could look like.

Umm, their surveys are kinda of the standard.

that’s true for most of the sell-side firms anyway. Is their comp comparable to other boutiques ?

They’re a top econ shop and have just recently branched out into other areas. I’ve been to there offices and it seems like a first-class place to work.

I have a friend that works at ISI in institutional sales. Their macro economic research is the best on the street from what I gather. Ed Hyman has been rated the number 1 macroeconomist on the street the last 30 years by Institutional Investor. My friend makes a retarded amount of money for essentially “entertaining” clients all day.

For macro I like ISI and Empirical Research. Edit: don’t know specific numbers, but I doubt you will be disapointed.

Thanks for all the responses guys. I have heard that they have a stellar reputation when it comes to macro research and they are trying to leverage that to branch out into equity research for other sectors. thommo , the sales guys always make more than they are supposed to. I see that all the sales guys at my boutique live in much nicer neighbourhoods compared to the research guys.I guess a ER --> sales is not that bad a career path but would probably be a deadend since you can’t do anything much different after that. I am interviewing with ISI for a ER associate spot. Do you guys think I can ask for a 160 - 170 total comp ?

how did it turn out with ISI? what was the interview process like?

Had one round with them 3 weeks back. I think it went well.But , no word since then. Sent a follow up last week.Nothing so far

gotcha. i have a few questions- but can’t figure out how to PM. also- i used STC as my sole source of prep for the 63. 63 is the easiest of them all.

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