ISIS Beheads a Magician

Finally, something everyone can appluad:

RIP, S2000.

Maybe not everyone:

That’s hilarious, Greenie.

I didn’t realize that you cared.

^He lives!!! Allah be praised!!!


I think I could get behind them beheading all the fake Elmos, Spidermen, Batmen, Mickeys, Minnies, etc. that populate Times Square.

Magician forums sound hilarious.

You have no idea.

I think a Mime forum would be mind blowing.

I have a friend who is a mime and a motivational speaker.

^I’m not really sure how that would work out. Does he have a demo on youtube or something?

at the same time?

^ His gestures are very inspirational.

These degenerates are really out of control.



Allah! Snackbar!

Damn straight. It’s very inspiring to watch a mime escape from an invisible box.

honestly s2000 i thought you would be more devastated

And I might well be . . . once it’s more than an unconfirmed rumor from an unnamed friend (in Turkey) of the unnamed magician.