Isis invading SE asia

puss paradise is in danger, world commanders have to rally the troops as soon as possible or all will be lost

This seems overhyped. It’s a small town and the gov’t only withdrew to mop up with precision attacks. This thing will be in the rearview in a few weeks, they just don’t have the scale to take on the Philippines and we’re talking about a total of 20 casualties (13 are extremists) here.

Edit: make that number about 40. Not a big Duterte fan, but this quote was pretty good: “My message mainly to the terrorists on the other side is we can still solve this through dialogue. And if you cannot be convinced to stop fighting, so be it. Let’s just fight.”

He then shot a random person and sprinkled some crack on their body.

Couple Duterte quotes:

“If you want me to be an animal, I’m also used to that. We’re just the same. I can dish out, go down what you can 50 times over.”

Addressing the crowd, Duterte said: “Just drive me to extreme anger, and I can eat a person. Give me salt and vinegar and I’ll eat his liver.”

“You know, I am capable of eating a person. If you anger me, in truth, I will eat you alive. Raw.”

This happens every couple of years in Mindanao. I have property in Davao City… not that worried.

highly doubt he has real beef with muslism. he literally ruled davao which is the largest major city in the southern muslim region. this is straight out of hitler’s playbook. night of broken glass. using terrorism to consolidate power. it was also used by the previous dictator of the philippines, ferdinand marcos, who was on his final term then declared martial law shortly after to fight “communism”. a complete ruse. anyways politicians there are complete animals. they’ll do anything to aggrandize themselves.

Nobody ever implied he has any problem with Muslims. That’s your own misreading. The rest is just conspiracy theory conjecture restating the obvious.


alright, hope emperor duterte solves the issues because me lov Philippines long time