issues with FSA?

ive been reading through the FSA book and it hasnt been that bad up until reading 34 and on. Im on reading 37 now and I seem to get all the information when I read it…but when it comes time to do the longggggggggggg questions in the back…I know nothing? Its starting to piss me off. Ill spend a good 2 hours reading a chapter, reviewing it, looking at my notes, then do the problems and get them wrong or make a dumb mistake. anyone else struggling through the FSA problems/readings?

Yea…I know exactly what you are saying. I broke the long chapter up into two becasue it was just too much technical information. I have had to re-read every chapter multiple times because the books description and the questions in the back do go together very well. The income taxes is the hardest section I have seen so far. The only advice I can offer is what I am doing myself, re-read it, break it up into possibly 2 study sessions, and keep going over the questions. I don’t know about you but these sections are starting to ware on me.

The readings by Fried, Sondhi, and White are the worst. I have an old textbook of theirs from college and it’s worse than reading a phone book. Repetition is key. And posting your questions on AF.

yep - count me in on this boat. I am hoping things will become clearer as I continue to study and review. We still have another 3+ months so…

I’ve been having the same issues…I found that I was spending so much more time on FSA (especially in the Fried, Sondhi and White section) than Econ, that I’m reading the chapters, trying my best on the questions and then heading to the next chapter in the interest of time. I’ll be back to the FSA chapters, but most likely closer to June after I’ve had a chance to get through the remaining books.