Istanbul Candidates - What are you feeling right now?

I heard about the exam being canceled in Istanbul so candidates will have to wait until next year to re-take the exam. I think I would start a new protest myself. If you were scheduled to take the exam in Istanbul, what are you feeling right now, and what is the general consensus regarding the CFAI decision to just cancel the whole thing?

Can Istanbul candidates take the exam in another city?

This is what I ve sent to CFA institute Leoviera86…and will definetely protest if they don’t make an arrangement soon…Thanks for your concern

Dear Sir/Madam

Due to demonstrations in İstanbul you have cancelled the CFA exam in İstanbul. Now hundreds of people are in a disadvantaged position. Many people I have talked to say that because number of people attended in İstanbul represents a low percentage of overall attendants through out the world (like 1% of total), CFA institute would not put effort and give an exam soon.

So are you going to say us ‘Ok guys sorry what has happened, but we can’t give you an exam soon, so See you next year or this December’? I hope you have a contincency plan for such situations…Because such things happens, you can’t guarantee it won’t happen again and neither me nor other particiants will accept the situation if you don’t give us an exam as soon as possible…

We have invested hundreds of hours, came from different countries, took time off from our jobs and families…We have trusted your ethical priorities and the fact that CFA institute and its program give human/client rights a priority. And basically we have paid the institute and we are your clients…

Institute demands very high standards from invetment community with ethical and corporate governance stuff…I hope Institute will handle this problem by considering the mentioned rules it has established. So we expect you to handle this situation professionally so as not to disadvantage the candidates in Istanbul no more…

Please Just don’t treat us a bunch of peole unfairly just because we are not in USA or in England and because we are few…

Looking forward to hear from you ASAP

Best regards…

Good luck Albatross. I really hope they do have some contingency plans for you guys!

I agree with your proposal.

Best of success to you.

Do you guys know if you’ll have to pay and re-register to take it again next June, or will they waive it for you and carry over this year’s registeration?

Im sure some form of waiver language exists in the documents when you sign up for an exam so legally I would bet they are covered. Now for the humanitarian aspect, I wish you the best in getting at least some form of remuneration/compensation for all the work and hours that went into your prep.

My guess is that CFAI will roll your L1 registration to December or June and any L2/3 people to next June. I highly doubt they will give an off cycle exam. You’re more likely to get a refund than an off cycle exam and getting a refund from them is a pretty incredible achievement.

I can’t imagine how awful it would be to put in all the time for this exam and then not be able to take it, but at the end of the day, what are they going to do… let you take an exam that has already been seen by tens of thousands of people? Pull a spare full exam out and let relatively few people take it?

I wish you guys the best, anybody affected by this.

I always believed they should have a backup exam for unforseen circumstances. It’s not the end of the world if a few hundred people write a different exam. I find more appalling those writing the same exam on Sunday due to religious reasons.

I bet they already covered ass too:)

they re gonna refund it but who cares, I’m also a retaker, so next year will be my third year on level 3:(

I hope everything works out and I hope Istanbul gets back to normal soon. Such a great city

Why not give the poor people in Instanbul an exam from 5 years ago? Probably zero retakers from that long ago, and doubt if they would remember the questions anyway. CFAI is a dinosaur.

There should have been some contingency plan in place for situations such as these. It’s ridiculous to have candidates wait another year after going through all the studying and sacrificing. I do agree that allowing candidates to take the exam, say 2 weeks after June 1st, would place all other candidates that took the exam on June 1st at a disadvantage, but I believe that if we were to take a vote from everyone who took the exam on June 1st and asked if we would be OK with having Istanbul candiates take the exam a few weeks later, I’m sure that the vast majority would not mind at all. We know how it feels and how much we have had to sacrifice and I’m surprised that CFAI doesn’t feel empathy for that, as they are themselves comprised of charterholders.

Good luck to all of you who didn’t make it. And hopefully Istanbul will get back to normal soon.

this sucks

the default is you get to sit at a later sitting for free (defer the exam)

probably not the first time a CFAI exam has been cancelled at one site at the last minute

They cancelled exams in China because of SARS a few years back but did that sufficiently far in advance that alternative centers could be arranged and there was something in India where the exam was on and off (can’t remember the end outcome) because of lawsuits between CFAI and the indian version of CFA

I thought they organised an Exam on 15th June?? Is it not the case?