Dear Fellows, Is there anyone graduated from IT backgrond, and working on CFA? Is there any good point (in regards to job) of combining IT background with CFA? especially anyone working for middle office of investment bank, is VBA still very useful nowadays and what is the future of VBA in finance? Thanks for your concern.

Hmm i dont think anyone with CS/EE degrees ever completed CFA program. You will be a revolutionary example!

ur mean .

shuan322, I have passed all the three CFA exams, and expect to receive my charter this summer (I know this description is a professional ethical violation). I am working for a university on energy economy. A bulk of my tasks are related to VBA coding. Haven’t learned any other coding skills from business school. My two cents: you can search “VBA” on CFA Jobline, eFinancialcareer, careerbuilder to see how many jobs require VBA, and how many jobs need programming skills other than VBA, such as SAS, C++, SQL… Good luck to your career.

If MO is your target… then you probably won’t need an MBA, CFA is fine. But if you are a self respecting Tech guy, then BO/MO will be living hell for you!

You are definitely not alone. I know several IT guys with degrees in CS/EE working towards the CFA charter. Most of them, however, work in IT department of some financial services firm/bank etc. For that matter, I even know non-CS/EE but engineering majors working in IT departments at banks who are CFA candidates (I am one of them).