it feels so surreal today

knowing when I leave work tonight that the final and full week of review kicks in for me … and hopefully, the last exam I sit for this professional qualification. Amen.

just felt the same this morning. I’ve spent three years waiting for being allowed to take this exam. It is in 8 days.

I had a nice panic attack at 3:30AM this morning. Nothing like feeling you have busted your ass preparing for something that seems to all be one ball of mush in my head right now. I have all next week for practice exams and I have reached the mode I found right before Level One and Level Two. Do I keep reviewing stuff so I do better (hopefully) on the practice exams or do I just do them, bomb them, and then panic completely and end up reviewing anyway. The anxiety is tough to channel into something positive now I have done a number of questions for the IPS and Ethics and GIPs…the other stuff not so much. Luckily I have the whole week off next week cuz I am going to need every minute!!

anyone else feel like they are forgeting a lot of their notes? I have to take a practice exam every other day to remind myself that I know this stuff but it’s the fear of forgetting the minutiae.,

I feel like vomiting every morning when I think about this stuff.

screw the minutiae, i am not even ready for the big topics.

I have an advise : Dont put too much pressure on yourself. I know we are all so near yet bit far. As a retaker I would suggest that you take it easy and do it the same way you would have approached any other exam. For level 1& 2 I did not worry much and went with an attitude, if not now there is always next time. Last year I felt that I had to get it over. I prepared marginally better compared to prev years… but yet I failed. Whatever has to happen will happen. Let us do our best and pray for the best…I know it sounds philosophical but then thats what a failure does to a person…

Pimp, you maybe pregnant.

BigWilly - I’d rather be pregnant than face this exam at this point.

I with you guy’s…this will my last day @ work thinking about CFA as I am also off all of next week. This is both good & bad…because the past few day’s I havent given it that “umf” that I should…because I know I have alot of hours ahead of me.

^wow…i am like missing complete words in that post…defintely out there. “i with you guys” “this will my last day”